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Scalable Metaverse Labs

We help enterprises combine the benefits of role-play based training with the scalability, consistency, and measurability of a digital solution.

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Sense of presence in VR
Why we use VR

VR Learners Were

Faster to train than in classroom
More confident to apply skills learned after training
More emotionally connected to content than classroom learners
More focused than their e-learning peers

Core Team

We are a diverse compostion of artists, design enthusaists, psychologists, and technologists which are constantly growing and led by a core silicon valley dream team.

Harris Ahmed

CEO and Founder

A UoL certified VR veteran with eight years of experience,TEDx and MIT Solve

Raheel Bodla

Strategy and Partnerships

Former Global Supply Manager at Tesla, hardvard and MIT alum

Salman Farooq

Business Innovation

Fifteen years in government-private partnerships at DU dubai, Hult Alum

Tim Draper


Investor for tesla, spacex, microsoft and founder of Draper University
We have worked on some Groundbreaking Ideas

VR Science Labs for Refugee Education

Backed by MIT, Cambridge University, UNHCR, and Founder Institute, project aiyin was an initiative that helped NGOs bring virtual science labs to refugees they served. Out of 148 countries and 3500 companies in the world, it was hailed as one of the best education solutions in the world for peace and justice.

Metaverse Learning Network with US Embassy

In partnership with the US embassy Lincoln Corners Program, R-Labs put down a series of metaverse labs connecting 13 urban and rural cities in Pakistan. We helped empower a generation of problem solvers by making VR equipment and metaverse building learning accessible to 9 universities and 1 National library, benefiting more than 10,000 students.

Tourism and Heritage

Travel back in time to ancient locations with our preservation scans. Ever imagined of visiting thousands of years old sites in all their glory, meeting their people, learning their culture and even purchasing souvenirs from their world? In this state-funded project, we explore the boundaries of what XR can do in terms escapism for museums and mass audiences.

Million-Dollar Machines, A Click Away.

Bringing multi-operator vehicles in VR and coupling them with real world systems gave us the power to build data-driven simulations, extracting valuable training data for our clients. This helped us bring training costs to about 1/4th of the traditional simulators.

VR Affects 5 Parts of the Brain

We are one of the few companies in the world to have researched on how VR experiences affect our brain in real-time. This was made possible by exposing the subjects to relatively changing experiences and simultaneously attempting to draw visual stimulation from EEG headsets.

Recognition and Collaborations